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Avantgarde Rent a Car!

The Best Car Rental Agency in UAE!

 About Us:

Avantgarde rent a car is one of the best car rental Agencies, located at Office 1702 Metropolis Tower, Business Bay Downtown Dubai PO_BOX 74056.

 Launched 10 years ago, Avantgarde rent a car has quickly evolved and progressed to become a leader in the car rent industry that offers great VIP services.

 Our Company has over passed others and got a very high rank among all the VIP car rent companies due to our outstanding services that caters all customer needs as their Transportation solutions whether Individual or Corporate clients.


 Avantgarde rent a car has now AGENCIES spreading to different cities and countries and now developing to reach the United Arab Emirates, aiming to go international in the near future.

 Avantgarde rent a car outstanding performance and know-how has allowed us to establish a great customer data base that results to returning customers and loyal clients.

 Avantgarde rent a car services aims and assures the best quality service that we can always let our customer experience.

With Avantgarde rent a car great variety of vehicles available, our car rental agency is well known for being one of the most varied car rental fleets.


*Economy, Intermediate, Premium, Luxurious, Sports car, 4x4 SUV

 We got them all, all you have to do is just to visit our website (http://www.avantgarde.rentals) and you will find a lot of different Brands, Fashions and Models of cars.


How to book:

Our website is easy to understand, not complicated to use and accessible from any device or browser you have, just a simply click and you get all you need.

 You can choose and book the car, tell us your location and we will do the rest of the work, Avantgarde rent a car agency is the first one to offer this amazing service to its prestigious customers, VIP treatment just for you.

 There will be no more waiting lines, you don’t have to stand for hours and go to different offices, lose time looking for the agency or spend money getting information and asking on the phone.

 You just need to use our detailed and advanced website to get all the information you need, choose your car, tell us where you are and we will do the rest, you will receive your rental car just where you are without moving.

 Our delivery service makes us pioneers and professionals who really care about our customers` wellbeing and satisfaction.


 Whether planning on renting an Economy or Luxurious car for a Long or Short period of time in United Arab of Emirates, Avantgarde rent a car is the best answer for your transportation needs.

Our 24/7 Customer Service team are available to answer your questions and meet your requests, you won’t regret dealing with Avantgarde rent a car because of our professionalism and care about our customers.

We love what we are doing and we are excellent at it and that is why we have chosen to spread and go international services.